- Is this a guarantee into the club or a guarantee to get a yacht? 


No this is a booking, however we pull strings and do everything in our power to get you where you want as we  have one of the largest promotion connections throughout Miami.


- How do I book a yacht on EVILOT?


Firstly, choose the yacht you desire and fill out the “yacht form”. Secondly, we will get back to you asap with your confirmation. 


- Are my payment details saved? 


No, no payment details are kept. 


- Can I charter a boat for longer than half a day or a day?


Yes just message us.


- Does the crew need to be tipped? 


No, but is a deed of common courtesy. 


- Can I bring food and alcohol on the yacht?


Yes of course.


- Are children allowed in charters?


Yes family trips are always welcome on our charters. We recommend having someone to take care of the children since the crew is not responsible for their safety. 


- How many guests are allowed on board? 




- Does the yacht come with jet skis? 


Message us for inquiry.


- How old do I have to be to rent a yacht?


21 years old. 


- What should I bring with me on the yacht? 


Bring anything you desire within reason. All of the essentials will be waiting for you when you arrive.